Apr 292011
Royal Blues

An easy and simple dessert made of fresh whipped cream, crumbled meringues, and strawberries macerated in pomegranate juice.

Cover of the Rolling Stone

Review of Rolling Stone Restaurant and Lounge, LA.

It Puts the Eggs in the Basket. It Does This Whenever It's Told!

Easter Eggs, Naturally Colored Easter Eggs, Eastern Orthodox Colored Eggs, Easter Food

In the Beginning, There Were the Words

Ever since I learned how to talk (they tell me it was long before I took my first step), I was fascinated by language. Creativity was a default for me, coming up with my own words for whatever crossed my path unlabeled, and pretty soon everybody around me adopted my inventive nicknames for grandparents, relatives, [...]

Stuffed With Peppers

My parents’ generation grew up in harsh conditions.  WWII was not kind to Serbia and many went hungry for years. Their view of food is very much akin to that of the Americans who survived the Great Depression. Meat was a luxury, served at holidays, and occasionally in the winter, through various reincarnations of the [...]

First One Out of the Oven

My College Kritter’s infatuation with food probably started the day she was born, four days after the predicted date. After conferring with my ObGyn, Father called from the hospital and told me to be there at noon. I was a novice at the delivery business and did not want to take any chances of going [...]

Apr 042011

I have never written a guest post before. When Karen from Globetrotter Diaries asked me a couple of weeks ago if I would write a post about Serbian food for her blog, I was giddy. We have met before at one of the Food Bloggers of LA meetups and talked about going together to the 99 Ranch [...]

Apr 022011
Cook Your Goosefoot

A minute ago, I was sitting on the patio making googly eyes at a cloudless blue sky, breathing in the first scents of summer. A small bird with bright green feathers on its chest has made a nest underneath an eve, and weak, barely-heard chirps announced  an even smaller avian yawning its yellow beak in [...]

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