Jul 242011
Beyond Borders

But I, for one, shall miss bookstores.

I’ve haunted them all my life, grew up with them, saw them go from grubby little strange-smelling mom and pop operations to the glory of mammoth,unending cyclopean football fields of real, tangible books—all shapes, all sizes– where you could virtually browse away an entire afternoon and have some pretty decent coffee in the interim. Hell, you were even encouraged to sit down and read for free, despite the clear eventuality of some coffee being spilt on some pages.

Jul 182011
Fruited Plane

I have stopped counting the days before we leave for Serbia, and started counting the hours. My daytimer has a myriad of lists on different pages with most of the items checked or scratched off. I wake up in the morning with my heart doing crazy somersaults as the Reisefieber sets in. My mind is [...]

Jul 142011
Guest Post

Several years before Bibberche was even a germ of an idea, I stumbled upon my first food blog while reading eGullet, a fascinating site aimed at exploring every possible facet of food preparation, consumption, and production. The first time I clicked on a URL of a blog, I felt like Aladdin entering the cave filled [...]

Jul 102011

College Kritter is an obsessive creature and things presented in serial form appeal to her. She started reading Harry Potter, and inevitably dragged me into the process. I lagged behind, unwilling to commit all my free time to the adorable young wizards, poring through the piles of books I brought from the library that towered [...]

In the world of school children, June is like the ultimate Friday. You have to spend a part of it cramming for exams trying to make better grades, but you know that all that work is going to end soon and the rest of the month will definitely be the beginning of a lazy and [...]

Jul 032011
una sonrisa menos

Thursday morning, my friend Cipriano boarded a flight from Tijuana to Oaxaca  to reunite with his wife, children, and fourteen grandchildren that he has not seen in more than four years. A few days ago, a co-worker took him to a salon where he had his salt-and-pepper hair died a ridiculously artificial black to hide [...]

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