Moms’ Night Out: A Spoke & Weal Salon Event

Moms' Night Out Poster

A few people I consider my close friends know that I hardly spend any time at beauty salons. Not because I have anything against getting pampered, but because I always end up feeling buyers remorse. And that’s not fun. So, the last time I had a massage was when my youngest daughter bought me a treatment at Massage Envy for one of my birthdays a few years ago. I had my hair done last October to celebrate my newly acquired freedom after a judge signed final divorce paperwork and again in March for my 50th birthday (I admit that my sister had to push me through the door, as I was reluctant). My last facial was at a salon in Rocky River, Ohio, where I worked as a manager, more than fifteen years ago.

It should not be surprising then that I was more than excited when I got the opportunity to spend an evening at a new, upscale Los Angeles salon Spoke & Weal, an event sponsored by Sony Home Entertainment and The Buzz Girls for the launch of the Blu-Ray and DVD of Sony’s Moms’ Night Out.


The salon was modern and sleek, with clean lines and lots of metal, glass, reflector lights, and naked bulbs. Wooden floors and planters with succulents on every working surface brought a touch of warmth, and cinder-block walls painted stark white made the high-ceiling room spacious and bright.

Spoke & Weal Salon from bibberche

There were about thirty of us and throughout the evening, we were treated like princesses. We sipped wine or pretty pink cocktails made with berry-infused vodka, elderflower liquor, and soda. We nibbled on tiny, delectable hors-d’oeuvres catered by a near-by restaurant and mini-cupcakes in several flavors, soft, moist, and artfully decorated by Sweet E’s Bakery.

Moms' Night Out Event from bibberche

Moms' Night Out Event

Moms' Night Out Event from

They offered us mini manicures, back and neck massages, eyebrow treatments, and hair styling. Wherever I looked, all I could see were happy, smiling women peeking in the mirrors, tossing their newly done tresses, and raising their glasses to one another, excited and grateful for the night out, away from the routine of family life.

Spoke & Weal Salon from

Spoke & Weal Salon from


I have to admit I felt pretty glamorous as the evening was winding down. For a few hours I was Cinderella, whisked away from my everyday life and spoiled by many dexterous hands, exotically scented ointments, perfect little bites of food, and, of course, alcohol. I just wish I had a ball to attend all dolled up, relaxed, and exhilarated.


Thanks, Nicole from mPRm, The Buzz Girls, Sony Home Entertainment, Spoke & Weal, and all the people who made us feel like celebrities!

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