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Angela vs. the Windmills

“Every night, just before you close your eyes and drift off to sleep, rewind your day and think about it. Ask yourself questions: What did I learn? Whom did I help? In which way did I make myself a better person? Will my day have an impact, no matter how minuscule, on the world?” IContinue Reading

I’d Rather Be… With My Sister

When I was four years old, I got the mumps. Father was a physician, but the remedy did not come from a pharmacy. Instead of reluctantly ingesting grape-flavored syrup or being force-fed pink gel antibiotics, my neck, jaws, and cheeks were enveloped in smoked, thickly sliced ribbons of bacon, and wrapped with a bandana tiedContinue Reading

Sometimes You Feel Like a Nut

When I was growing up in Serbia, nuts were seldom used in savory dishes, but mostly in pastries, cakes, tortes, or crepes. Times have changed and I can see the big-city dwellers using peanuts as a result of the Thai influence, but my town would rebel for sure. Peanut butter is an adventure when youContinue Reading

Spatchcock My Chicken, Please!

My love affair with the chicken started later in my life. In the beginning of my gustatory adventures, I did not care for some amazing things: tomatoes, potatoes, all kinds of melons, smoked meats and chicken.  But I did not have a lot of choice in expressing my reluctance to eating undesirables; our household definitelyContinue Reading

Russian Connection

Reading a post on ham salad on Simply Recipes got me thinking. Elise is talking about her parents trying to be frugal and offering tasty and nutritious meals to their children, without having to rob their piggy banks. Therefore potato salad, egg salad, ham salad… In our house, just like in almost every Serbian houseContinue Reading