Don't Put All Your Eggs in One Salad

This month’s Recipe Swap, started by Christianna Rheinhard of Burwell General Store, features a Russian Salad, a side dish very close to my homesick Serbian heart. When I was growing up, you did not dare invite people over for a dinner or a celebration in the Fall or Winter without offering an immense bowl filled [...]

Apr 182012
Kafka, Inspiration

I met Christianna of Burwell General Store blog last May at a BlogHer Food conference in Atlanta. We stayed up one night over a bottle or two of really good red wine and a sparkle of friendship was ignited. Even though both of us call Southern California our home, we have been getting to know [...]

I Like My Summer Like I Like My Martini... Dry.

The weather in Southern California has been fiercely hot recently. Husband complained about humidity several days ago, but today’s dry heat was more to his liking.  Hot with a chance of more hot. As long as I can find shade, I do not gripe about the weather. After all, it is California, and we moved [...]

Sorry, Mary.This One Didn't Make it to School...

This week has been the hottest yet since we moved from Ohio to Southern California almost two years ago. When I walk out the door before seven in the morning to go to work, I cannot feel the remnants of the desert chill lingering in the air which usually greets me right at the threshold. [...]

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