Royal Blues

Eton Mess from bibberche.comBack in the 7os and 80s, we watched a lot of historical mini series. My favorites were Roots; Shogun; I, Claudius; Leonardo Da Vinci; and Edward and Mrs. Simpson. It was so easy to get lost in another world gone by for an hour every week, to cry and rejoice, to root for the good guys and curse the villains, all along learning the ways of the past, having the scenes etched forever in the memory.

The story of England’s King who abdicated the throne to be with the woman he loved was one of the most romantic I have ever encountered. I was always the sucker for romance and my world was intentionally full of melodramatic love sagas. For me, he was a noble outlaw defying strict and illogical rules, fighting for the rights that should be inalienable for anyone. That he and his beloved Wallis suffered exile until the end of their lives seemed to a fourteen-year-old me like a small price to pay for true love.

I have never been a British Royalty groupie, but I could not avoid the news  blasting at me from every corner, as the media loves to bring the haughty aristocracy closer to the masses. I followed Queen Elizabeth’s voyages through the world, waved a high five when she knighted Elton John,  smiled sweetly when homely Charles married comely Diana, and cried for her children on the day the Princess died. I tried to avoid the yellow print, but unavoidably had to cast an occasional glance at the front page of People as I waited in line at the grocery store. So, I was aware when Charles started openly dating Camilla. And as everyone was appalled, I thought they were physically much better suited as a couple.

I am not really interested in the daily escapades or routines of the rich and famous. If a piece of information hits me while I flick through channels during commercial breaks between Jeopardy and Double Jeopardy rounds, I will process it and move on, unperturbed and unchanged.

The world outside my own is atwitter with the news of the latest royal wedding. The bride and groom are young and beautiful (again, the bride outclassing her royal catch), and one day they will pretend to rule one of the most powerful nations in the world. I wish them all the luck in the world, but if I can avoid it, I’ll stay away from any news channels today. But the food world has its special ingenious tricks in its magic hat. I can poo poo the reports of the color of Kate’s dress, but I cannot resist  the onslaught of the recipes for scones, crumpets, popovers, roast beef, Yorkshire pudding, fish & chips, tarts, and cucumber and watercress sandwiches saturating every nook of my virtual world.

I will avoid my TV set  like a leper colony, but in the weeks leading up to the big British bash, my family has experienced a slight change in programming, getting to taste recipes form Jamie Oliver, Delia Smith, and Nigella Lawson. Oh, I try to run around the well at least once, not wanting to admit how easily I can be influenced, and I prepare Jamie’s Morrocan Beef Tagine or Nigella’s Big Pasta with Mushrooms, not landing anywhere near the British Isles in my culinary escapades.

But it is just a ruse. I am still a big sucker for romance, but this time the love comes enveloped in food, smelling like freshly baked bread, and tasting of sun-kissed apricots. I will join in the celebration in my own way, offering a light, easy, beautiful dessert that glistens with macerated strawberries resting atop soft, white, pillowy whipped cream, its smooth texture pleasantly interrupted by crumbled crunchy meringue pieces.

Eton Mess is usually served at Eton College’s annual cricket games and appeared for the first time in the 30s. I thought it was the most appropriate dish to ring in the new couple, as I am convinced that William had attended Eton at some point, rowing, riding, eating crumpets, and waiting on his own Wallis Simpson.

meringues from

ETON MESS (adapted from Nigella Lawson’s recipe from Nigella Express)

Nigella’s recipe asks for store bought meringue, but I made my own, because it’s so easy, and I always have frozen egg whites in the freezer. The recipe is my grandmother Njanja’s. The rest of the ingredients do not really have to be measured or weighed, as the recipe is pretty flexible.)


  • 1 cup cut up strawberries
  • 2-3 tsp pomegranate juice (or any other red juice, sour cherry, even cranberry)
  • 1-2 tsp sugar (if the strawberries are ripe, it’s not necessary)
  • 2 cups (about 500ml) heavy whipping cream
  • 2-3 Tbsp sugar
  • 4-5 crumbled meringues (recipe follows)



Sprinkle the strawberries with juice and sugar, stir carefully, and let macerate until you whip the heavy cream. When the soft peaks start forming, add sugar. When done, crumble in the meringues, mix lightly with a spatula, and divide into several serving dishes, depending on the desired serving size, alternating layers with macerated strawberries. Finish with strawberries and serve.

For the meringues:

  • 3 large egg whites at room temperature
  • 250gr (about 1 cup) sugar (can substitute part for brown sugar, for tan color)
  • 1 tsp lemon juice or white vinegar


Preheat the oven to 250F*.

Beat the egg whites until stiff, add the sugar and lemon juice or vinegar. Put the meringue into a pastry bag with a star tip and pipe the rosettes, about 1 inch apart. Bake for 1 hour. Turn the heat off and leave in the oven for another hour.

* my oven is obviously off, as my meringues turned tan at this temperature; if you know that your oven is hotter than normal, adjust the heat

I am sending my Eton Mess to Mardi at Eat Travel Write. She is hosting Forever Nigella blog event this month celebrating Royal Wedding. This event was started by Sarah from Maison Cupcake.

I am proud to display here an award that I received from Wit, Wok & Wisdom on her Let’s Break Bread blog event. Thanks:)

15 Responses to Royal Blues

  1. I like the look of your strawberry version of Eton mess over the passionfruit one featured in Nigella Express. Great selection!

  2. Jelena says:

    Bravo za Eaton mess na današnji dan. Ja sam mislila da pravim Coronation chicken i pozovem goste koji su veliki fanovi ovakvih događaja, ali elem suprug je danas mrtav bolestan morao da dežura, tako da recept ostaje za neki drugi put.

  3. Selma says:

    Vrlo lijepo, volim Eton Mess. Jagode su moje najdraže voće, na prvom mjestu iza kojeh je pet praznih. Najviše ih volim same, a ako ih treba sa nečim pomješati puslice i šlag su dobitna kombinacija.
    Od serija koje spominješ Šoguna sam gledala kada je prvi put emitovana, a Klaudija u reprizi prije desetak godina. Bajkovitu seriju o edvardu i Valis nisam gledala. Ne znam da li bi mi gđa. Simpson bila simpatičan lik niti kada sam bila mlada, a danas vjerovatno ne bi.
    Dobro si primjetila da ÄŒarls i kamila paÅ¡u jedno drugom fizički, ali sigurna sam joÅ¡ viÅ¡e mentalno. Vjerujem da je Kamila “witty”, a ÄŒarls mi djeluje “quirky”, Kamila mu je uvijek viÅ¡e odgovarala od Dajane.
    Vilijem i Kejt su zaista lijep par i mada se nisam pridružila sveopÅ¡toj pomami i ne pratim vjenčanje, večeras ću na dnevniku vidjeti haljinu, a neće me mimoići ni članci u novinama i sav moj interes se tu zaustavlja. O da… dopada mi se i onaj prsten i voljela bih imati kopiju.
    Pozdrav, baš sam se uživila čitajući post.

  4. Did someone say Meringues? Because they’re my second love and I am totally making this entire recipe soon! Are the tan ones that tan because of the brown sugar or was that also after baking?

  5. Mairi@Toast says:

    Ah Lana, but the romance got you & you did watch! And London certainly put on a show. I love this dessert, actually anything with meringues & love how the domestic goddess adds pomegranates which I also love. I also remember watching Richard Chamberlain in Shogun :)

  6. Oh, this looks yummy! I didn’t know you could freeze egg whites! You learn something every day!

  7. Thank you so much for participating in the Forever Nigella event this month – I love Eton Mess and it’s a great party dish! You would be very welcome at my house with a trayful of that!

  8. Lana says:

    @Chunklet, thanks:) We are slowly getting some wonderful strawberries in California. I love the color of pomegranate, but it’s a pain to separate the arils:)

    @Jelena, nadam se da je muž ozdravio! Jadničak, još je morao i da dežura:( Sad si me zainteresovala za Coronation Chicken.

    @Selma, i ja jako volim jagode, ali samo one prave, domaće, kao nekada:) Ovaj slatkiš mi se svideo, jer je toliko lak, lagan, a ukusan. Dobrodošla ponovo! Radujem se što si se oporavila!

    @Nelly, thanks, I love meringues, too – so easy to make:) I can pretend and say that the tan ones are tan on purpose, but it’s not the case: my oven is a bit too hot – I should have baked them at lower T than the recipe recommends.

    @Mairi, LOL! Romance always wins:)

    @Lisa, I was beyond happy when I found out that you can freeze egg whites! I so hate to waste food:)

    @Mardi, thanks for hosting this event! I love Nigella and this one was too easy:)

  9. averagebetty says:

    This looks so light and delicious — perfect for summer! It was wonderful meeting you at Camp Blogaway :)

  10. Elaine says:

    These look delightful, Lana!

  11. Jelena says:

    Coronation chicken bi ti se sigurno dopao, posebno što vi imate dobar mango, pa mango chutney može da se napravi kod kuće. Ovde je otužan.

  12. Love your story on this one – I’m a romantic and I totally missed the Royal Wedding. But this recipe more than makes up for it! It was so great meeting you this weekend – loved hearing about your girls and your time in the kitchen!

  13. amee says:

    i do follow british royalty news, etc! I watched the Tudors b/c I find Anne Boleyn so fascinating! Looking fw to more on Will and Kate (plus 8?) :) So now that the wedding is over, I wonder what we’ll see from you re Osama Bin Laden? :P

  14. Good for you – much nicer with homemade meringues. Loved I Claudius!

  15. nazima says:

    these look beautiful and homemade meringues are lovely

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