To Dragana, With Love

My Serbian neighbor and friend for many years, Dragana, moved away today, for good. They had moved to California from Ohio in 2005, and we stayed behind. Our frequent telephone conversations consisted mostly of her trying to explain how wrong we were to cling to ice and snow, when we can have the land of [...]

No Animals Were Harmed In This Post

Husband’s Offspring No.1 moved in with us at the end of March. She is a vegetarian (of the most undemanding kind, though) which gives me the right to change the Weekly Menu and add another meatless day! My oldest, the College Kritter, is another story. For her brief and rare visits from the lands of [...]

May 262010
99 Ranch Market

Last March, for my birthday, the College Kritter took me to this store. It was a surprise, and I had no clue where we were going; she drove and when we arrived, I was in heaven! We were transported into a different world, and spent over three hours browsing, exploring, admiring and trying to figure [...]

Time to Test the Waters

I’ve been a wannabe blogger for more than five years. And if I were an elephant, my baby born at that time would be ready to embark on a joyous trip to adolescence. But, I waited, I procrastinated, I gave myself promises that I would master the art of digital photography, HTML, and graphic design, [...]

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