Sep 202011
Stocked Market

It has been sweltering hot in my Serbian home town the last few weeks. As soon as I get up and water my mom’s geraniums and azaleas, I close wooden shutters on all the windows, drape a dark green tablecloth over the upstairs bathroom window, and close the back door in an attempt to block [...]

The Hunger Challenge: Day 3

For a couple of years I have been keeping tabs on our monthly grocery-shopping expenditures. No, I do not employ Excel or use the computer in any way to facilitate this tedious task. After each trip to one of the stores we dutifully write the date, the name of the store, and the total on [...]

The Hunger Challenge: Day One

I have been reading food blogs for several years. The blogs with really pretty pictures, the blogs with true and tested recipes, the blogs that care about the origins of food, environment, and sustainability, and the blogs that deal with food policies, trying to make a statement. My blogroll is as immense as my interests. [...]

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