The Other Side of Thanksgiving: Beef Stew with Chestnuts, Pearl Onions, and Potatoes

I know I am not the only one out there experiencing fierce post-Thanksgiving blues. We dutifully ate various incarnations of the smallest turkey I could find for four days, and there is still a hefty package sequestered in the freezer and a huge pot of turkey stock cooling off on the stove. This morning at [...]

Turning Over a New Leaf

As the spring accelerated into summer, and the linden trees sent their sweet scent on the wayward wisps of a gentle breeze, we would get antsy. The days grew longer, the nights gradually lost the chill, and the smell of the warm asphalt under the noon sun sent us the message that school was almost [...]

Sep 102012
Picadillo Circus

It’s been a few months that I did not participate in my favorite online culinary exchange Recipe Swaps. Oh, I was ambitious when I set sails for Serbia earlier in the summer, intending on reporting about various farmers’ markets I visited, foods I tasted and I enjoyed, dinners al fresco and at restaurants, and family meals [...]

Farewell with Red, White, and Blue

Thursday afternoon, the girls and I will board a big white bird and fly across the ocean to London and then to Belgrade. Last few days I have been overwhelmed with a feeling of unbearable panic accompanied as usual with an accelerated heart beat, a crazy adrenaline rush (not in a good way), and a [...]

Jun 222011
Light My Fire

It seems logical that the honor of writing the first guest post on my blog fell to Husband, a talented writer and a grammar nazi, who reads my every post and mercilessly removes comas and errant semi-colons that I adore. And I appreciate his ardor. Man. Grill. Meat. These three things are extensions of each [...]

In the Beginning, There Were the Words

Ever since I learned how to talk (they tell me it was long before I took my first step), I was fascinated by language. Creativity was a default for me, coming up with my own words for whatever crossed my path unlabeled, and pretty soon everybody around me adopted my inventive nicknames for grandparents, relatives, [...]

There's a Reason Rib Stories are Set in Paradise

Succulent and flavouful short ribs made by Dorie Greenspan’s recipe

Husbands of Christmas Past and Present

I divorced my ex-husband in August of 1994, when the College Kritter was known as the Tasmanian Devil. I hired an attorney, and he was so smitten by my soon to be ex’s charm, that he worked for him too, informing him of important dates, advising him on the necessary documents, calling him daily to [...]

There's an Apple for That

You could almost hear a communal sigh of relief as the lecture hall on the first floor of the University of Belgrade’s Philology Department emptied and a river of exhausted freshmen flooded the hallways. It was the last class of the day that started at 8 o’clock in the morning, with breaks no longer than [...]

Nov 032010
Doubtless Thomas

I am the oldest of three children. My sister and I are separated by only sixteen months, but for me it was enough to always feel like a protector. I took her to a high school dance once and had to stand up to a gang leader who had fancied her, without considering the consequences [...]

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