Aug 312011

I did not start out as a photographer. We had a mandatory photography course in eighth grade and somehow I managed to squeeze out an A. The next summer I signed up for a community class, but the instructor chose me for a model, and I failed to learn the technicalities of manual film shooting [...]

Aug 152011
For Her Ears Only

It’s summer time and tall corn stalks are swaying, gently caressed by the wind that brings on its wings the smell of the Danube. The majestic river rolls lazily through the plain, flanked by the reeds, and guarded by fishermen who respectfully and gratefully angle for pike and bass. The sun has set far over [...]

Aug 082011

On the afternoon of July 18, the girls and I kissed Husband goodbye and waved to him from the escalator leading to the security area. Our long-awaited trip to Serbia commenced with the buzzing of the metal detectors and bare feet impatiently following each other in the long line approaching gates. But nothing could diminish our [...]

Vince's Virid Verity

Now, I never had pesto until 1998 when Lana made it for me for the first time. I fell in love with it. I’ve had many variations of it since, but I love good basic pesto, the stronger the better.

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