Jan 242012
Year of the Dragon

When he was in Medical School, Father had a Chinese roommate. This was back in the 50s, and Tzu-Ke-Lee attended the University of Belgrade on a Chinese scholarship studying Serbian language and culture. Even now, in his old age, Father can charm a linguist without being proficient in any language except Serbian, and in his [...]

Operation: Dessert Storm

They tip-toe into the kitchen stealthily, whispering to one another, trying to open the cabinets without making a sound. They cast furtive glances in my direction while they move the bags and boxes aside, afraid that the rustling will attract my attention. Failing to excavate anything desirable from the pantry they move to the refrigerator [...]

Jan 132012
Getting a Rise

There are smells wafting from the kitchen window that can steal my soul during one breath and never release it: hazelnuts toasting in the oven; onions warming up in a sautee pan, slowly surrendering their sharpness and becoming sweet; garlic clove rubbed against the craggy surface of a brushetta; rows of red peppers roasting on [...]

The Only Clouds in Southern California

It’s time for another monthly Recipe Swap, the first of the year. Christianna from Burwell General Store started it more than a year ago, getting the idea from All-Day Singin’ and Dinner on the Ground, an old cookbook and hymnal she unearthed at a flea market. Every month a group of food bloggers gets the assignment [...]

Jan 062012
A Pinch of Salt

I am sitting at our card table that’s pretending to be a desk surrounded by a pile of CDs waiting to be downloaded into the music library and liberated from their covers in order to make room. My black yoga pants are folded up three or four times and reach just beyond my knees. They [...]

Jan 042012
Memories of Summer

I look back and make a promise: my camera will become my best friend. This stolen moment goes to Susan of The Well Seasoned Cook and her Black&White Wednesdays event that showcases gorgeous photography from many talented food bloggers. Bookmark on Delicious Digg this post Recommend on Facebook share via Reddit Share with Stumblers Tweet [...]

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