Now that's Using Your Head

sarma simmering We grew up in the 60s and the 70s eating only locally grown and seasonal food. Not by choice. Real food was abundant and available. The “exotic” food still did not make its appearance at the grocery stores.  We lived in the city and did not grow our own produce, but the market [...]

You Say Tomato, I Say Paradise*

We bought our house in Ohio  in August of 2006. It had a big back yard that opened to a natural pond.  I immediately found a spot for a garden. Husband worked away the daylight hours, but Father arrived in October and after a short deliberation and exchange of ideas he set out to turn [...]

Sorry, Mary.This One Didn't Make it to School...

This week has been the hottest yet since we moved from Ohio to Southern California almost two years ago. When I walk out the door before seven in the morning to go to work, I cannot feel the remnants of the desert chill lingering in the air which usually greets me right at the threshold. [...]

Aug 192010
Purple Reign

My hometown in Serbia is surrounded by hills. They are not high, but wavy, seemingly undulating, leading the eye from the bright meadow greens to golden fields of hay. And everywhere you look there are orchards. The plum* is the undisputed queen of the summer fruits. It is a symbol of Serbia, interwoven into our [...]

Daring Cooks' Recipe Challenge: Pierogi

I have joined the Daring Cooks to experience new recipes and learn new approaches to food. It is an amazing concept to get hundreds of people from all over the world to cook the same thing and then share their views and voyages on their blogs. Mother made a lot of pasta dishes when we [...]

Aug 162010
Not by Bread Alone

We were raised in our grandfather’s (we called him Deda-Ljubo) house, a nice, classical building built in Central-European style in the early 20th century, painted pale yellow, with a beautiful front yard, a shed, and a back yard where, some time before my birth, chickens pecked around and an occasional corn stalk separated the unfenced property [...]

Aug 102010
Legume Legacy

I usually like when I hear a rooster announcing a day break in English (“cock-a-doodle-do”) or in Serbian (“kukuriku”), because it means I am away from the highways, trucks, and students upstairs who love to play Persian techno music till the wee hours of the night (I always forgive them when they appear around noon [...]

Splendor in the Corn

It’s 7:30 Friday night. I am in my parents’ bedroom in front of the full-size mirror. I have a minute or two before my friends ring the bell. Did I cover the fresh-from-this-morning zit between my brows? Does my oversized shirt borrowed from Father cover my hips? Is my hair positioned just the way it [...]

Aug 022010
The Lessons Learned

I cannot recount how many times throughout my life I stated that my parents should not have ended up together. They are both very strong, intelligent, well-read (on different subjects, of course) and as a consequence extremely opinionated, stubborn, and uncompromising. I wish I could write a fairy tale about two complementary souls who, while [...]

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