My Old Man and the Sea

When I was filling out the application for the Student Exchange program in my Junior year of college, I did not think for a second that I was irrevocably changing the path of my life and that nothing would ever, ever be the same. Because of that I have sentenced myself, my family, and my [...]

Jan 232011
Lemon Aid

This is Giada inspired lemon risotto made with freshly picked Meyer lemons.

Jan 192011
Les Miserobbed

I woke up before five o’clock this morning for no apparent reason. The birds started their tentative chirping, and I pulled the covers over my head, trying to silence them. Husband was softly snoring, and after giving him a chance or two to stop on his own, I started nudging him, first with my elbow, [...]

Jan 142011
Absurdly Good

I have planned for several years to make a cassoulet, but night after night,  year after year,  other hearty dishes appeared on the table, while it patiently waited its turn. The serendipitous pick for this month’s Daring Cooks Challenge was this marvelous French stew and I decided to celebrate the frigid Southern California weather by preparing this [...]

Jan 112011

I am approaching Monday with some anxiety and apprehension. Father, College Kritter, and I are getting on a plane to San Francisco at dawn. Nina will stay in Berkeley, of course, and Father and I are coming back on Wednesday. If only the rain gods would look upon us mercifully and refrain from the showers [...]

Old Man Winter Takes a Holiday

Sometime in the far gone past, the Christian Orthodox Church refused to accept the Gregorian calendar. So, the Bolshevik October Revolution happened really in November, Christmas falls on January 7th, and the New Year makes its grand entrance at the stroke of twelve on the 13th of January. While everyone else has already put away [...]

Blisters and Glass Slippers

Of all the holidays, New Year’s Eve has always been my favorite. That was the night when girls transformed into princesses and carefully walked in heels to a hotel’s grand ballroom, supported by a boyfriend’s steady arm. That was the night when the tables were set with starched white tablecloths, shining silverware, and sparkling glasses, [...]

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