Stuffed With Peppers

Tweet My parents’ generation grew up in harsh conditions.  WWII was not kind to Serbia and many went hungry for years. Their view of food is very much akin to that of the Americans who survived the Great Depression. Meat was a luxury, served at holidays, and occasionally in the winter, through various reincarnations of [...]

Give a Girl a Fish...

Tweet College Kritter earned that name well before starting college. The state of Ohio offered all high-school juniors with a GPA over 3.5 a chance to attend a community college, get their regular high school requirements met, and also finish off some college core classes. During her junior and senior years of high school, she [...]

Mar 082011
Lent Lite

Lepinje – Serbian flat bread similar to Pita

Mar 012011

Quickly sauteed shrimp is tossed with flavorful cilantro pesto and linguine in this easy meal.

Feb 212011
Hush My Mouth

Crunchy, light corn fritters, spicy and slightly sweet, enriched by roasted jalapenos and corn

Feb 072011
Roll Playing

Soft, fragrant cinnamon rolls glazed with cream cheese

Jan 192011
Les Miserobbed

Tweet I woke up before five o’clock this morning for no apparent reason. The birds started their tentative chirping, and I pulled the covers over my head, trying to silence them. Husband was softly snoring, and after giving him a chance or two to stop on his own, I started nudging him, first with my [...]

Jan 112011

Tweet I am approaching Monday with some anxiety and apprehension. Father, College Kritter, and I are getting on a plane to San Francisco at dawn. Nina will stay in Berkeley, of course, and Father and I are coming back on Wednesday. If only the rain gods would look upon us mercifully and refrain from the [...]

Dec 082010
Hair Apparent

Tweet Today was my day off from work. Usually that gives me enough reason to contemplate opening a bottle of bubbly ( not that we have any in stock for similar occasions) and running around the apartment building in my green shorts pajamas (sorry, sister, they are mine now), making the neighbor’s chihuahuas frantically yelp. [...]

Nov 242010
Waka Waka

Tweet I have never been to Africa. I listened, entranced, to the stories of wonder my parents’ friends told about working on the dams in Zambia, or building the roads in Zimbabwe, tracing  afterwords on the globe the meridians that led me to those exotic countries. In elementary school, I cried silent tears of angry [...]

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