May 272011
Gone with the Wine

BlogHer Food conference 2011 in Atlanta

May 152011
Roux the Day

Flavorful Louisiana Gumbo

Casting Bread Upon the Waters

I never experienced hunger as a child unless I got so distracted playing that I forgot to return home for the midday meal, or when I insisted on skipping supper, determined to lose that stubborn pound or two that puberty can lovingly bestow. That was the golden age of Yugoslavia, and none of the kids [...]

One Day They Will Put Love & Chocolate into a Pill and Cure Everything

My twelve-year-old, Anya, asked me if she could make me a cake for Mother’s Day. I could not have imagined a better gift. While I worked, delivering Eggs Benedict with instant Hollandaise and Belgian Waffles born out of a box, my girls measured, weighed, baked, and licked the bowls.

May 042011
Buck Up Lil' Camper

We moved from Ohio to Southern California in August of 2008, arriving at our new apartment complex in a rented white Ford SUV, with pink and a purple Barbie bikes strapped securely to the roof. While we were unpacking the meager belongings that made the first cut, the Beasties were shyly making friends with their [...]

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