Everybody Goes to Rick's

The College Kritter and I spent the spring break week in Mexico. It took some time to organize and plan all the activities in order to cram as much as possible into measly seven days, but it was worth it. We are both laid back, uncomplicated (the best compliment from my German brother-in-law, Thomas*), and [...]

Where in the World is Bibberche?

I left the Orange County on Friday, apprehensive (the Beasties had to spend the weekend cleaning their room thoroughly, without my supervision) and excited (am I really going to be gone for almost four whole days?) Since I arrived, there was no time to write a post. But the photos should tell the story. Bookmark [...]

The Hunger Challenge: Day 5

We arrived at our home in California in the early afternoon of August 2008, exhausted, stressed to the limit, and penniless. Our Serbian neighbors who reserved our apartment next to theirs shared their dinner of Serbian Bean Soup with us, and helped us move what little we had into the apartment. They gave us a [...]

The Hunger Challenge: Day 4

The veterans of this event say that the fourth day is the hardest. I would not know. I went to work early, really, really early, and Husband tended to breakfast, lunch, and dinner. I came back, showered, went out again to finish my first assignment for the photography class (my memory card spaced out and [...]

The Hunger Challenge: Day 3

For a couple of years I have been keeping tabs on our monthly grocery-shopping expenditures. No, I do not employ Excel or use the computer in any way to facilitate this tedious task. After each trip to one of the stores we dutifully write the date, the name of the store, and the total on [...]

The Hunger Challenge: Day 2

Growing up in Serbia, which was then a part of Yugoslavia, we never went hungry. But the lack of food was a reality for our parents’ generation and every generations preceding theirs. There were wars, there was re-building, more wars, more re-building. Being hungry most of the time was a part of life they accepted. [...]

The Hunger Challenge: Day One

I have been reading food blogs for several years. The blogs with really pretty pictures, the blogs with true and tested recipes, the blogs that care about the origins of food, environment, and sustainability, and the blogs that deal with food policies, trying to make a statement. My blogroll is as immense as my interests. [...]

Garlic, Grills, and Gigabytes

I never cease marveling at the Internet and its magical powers to connect people from all over the world. That I still sometimes think there are elves living in computers performing all these complicated operations is another story.  Looking at this thin laptop, though, it is obvious that the elves have been dieting. And I [...]

I Like My Summer Like I Like My Martini... Dry.

The weather in Southern California has been fiercely hot recently. Husband complained about humidity several days ago, but today’s dry heat was more to his liking.  Hot with a chance of more hot. As long as I can find shade, I do not gripe about the weather. After all, it is California, and we moved [...]

 Tintinnabulicious! These Bells Just Got POEned!

Sometimes I wonder: if anybody asked me to name one, and only one, food item that defines Serbian cuisine, how would I answer? My instinct tells me I cannot go wrong with The Pig, and I can see why. There is no celebration that does not include one or more (and usually more) of the [...]

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