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I did not start out as a photographer. We had a mandatory photography course in eighth grade and somehow I managed to squeeze out an A. The next summer I signed up for a community class, but the instructor chose me for a model, and I failed to learn the technicalities of manual film shooting and developing. If I had a nice portfolio, I would have been satisfied, but I left the class more confused then when I entered.

Our parents outfitted a small room upstairs to be a photo lab and my sister and brother spent hours in there developing negatives, playing, experimenting, distorting, and beautifying. I have a lot of pictures featuring me in different sizes and shapes as the only revenge available to them at the time.

I embraced the automatic “idiot” camera and resigned my photographic interest to the role of a tourist and an eternal amateur, until I started my blog. All of a sudden, my artistic abilities emerged from their hidden spot and I wanted to learn as much as I could. I took a class at the local community college, diligently finishing all the tasks and homework on time, submitting the photos before deadline, and managing to earn praises and positive critiques from the professor and my fellow students. Do not ask how many crying sessions I went through on  my way home as I doubted my creativity and my “eye”.

I don’t aim to become a professional, but as a perfectionist, I have to aim for the highest levels of my abilities. I do not stress anymore and I do not try to explain why I am photographing any/everything edible (and inedible) several times a day. I enjoy taking pictures. I really enjoy taking pictures.

My friend Susan from The Well Seasoned Cook started showcasing black and white photos featuring food and culture every Wednesday. She has encouraged me from early on and I look to her as a mentor. Her photography is amazing and her writing always inspiring. I am sending this photo for her Black and White Wednesday event, hoping that I can learn as much as I can from her and the other contributors.

Please, visit her blog to see the beautiful creations of my fellow food bloggers.

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  1. Well, I love that you’re a photographer now because your pictures are amazing. Love this Reaching one, perfect perfect! Hope all is well, xoxo!

  2. Uf, how difficult is to accomplish a good picture of food on black and white. I like yours!

  3. That is a beautiful photo. I know what you mean – I tend to go crazy and try to be my absolute best at anything I start. Sometimes I irritate myself. So what I do is – I take my food photos on my blog, and my husband does the Photoshop. I can’t even go there, it would be just another thing to obsess about! It’s a nice little system. Hope you are well after your return …

  4. Your photos are as full of story as your words. GREG

  5. i’ve missed you!!!!! Hope you are back into routine after your trip. I cant remember if we figured out the blogger issues before you left or not…but in any case, i’m glad you are back.

  6. I wish we had photography classes in school. I probably would have taken to it that much sooner, but like you, Lana, it was the blogging that made me take it seriously. Thanks for your great BWW shot. The hand is very delicate yet decisive in which roll will be selected. Save one for me. (I’m catching up on last week’s commenting.)

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