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’twas the witch of November come stealin’

Savory phyllo dough leek pie is perfect for Fall.Continue Reading

First One Out of the Oven

My College Kritter’s infatuation with food probably started the day she was born, four days after the predicted date. After conferring with my ObGyn, Father called from the hospital and told me to be there at noon. I was a novice at the delivery business and did not want to take any chances of goingContinue Reading

Lent Lite

Lepinje – Serbian flat bread similar to PitaContinue Reading

Breaking Bread

Savory Cheddar Cheese and Chive Bread is quick and easy to make, but guaranteed to satisfy.Continue Reading

Hush My Mouth

Crunchy, light corn fritters, spicy and slightly sweet, enriched by roasted jalapenos and cornContinue Reading

Roll Playing

Soft, fragrant cinnamon rolls glazed with cream cheeseContinue Reading

Blisters and Glass Slippers

Of all the holidays, New Year’s Eve has always been my favorite. That was the night when girls transformed into princesses and carefully walked in heels to a hotel’s grand ballroom, supported by a boyfriend’s steady arm. That was the night when the tables were set with starched white tablecloths, shining silverware, and sparkling glasses,Continue Reading

You Can Go Home if You Have the Dough

Our family car was a bright orange Russian-made Lada which stood packed since the early hours of the morning with several suitcases holding the beginnings of my new life in the big city. Tucked neatly and methodically around them, using every inch of available space in the trunk with a Tetris-like precision were checkered linenContinue Reading

Where Have All the Flours Gone?

The calendar boldly states that Autumn is in full blast. The orange of  pumpkins is splashed all around me, at supermarkets, farmers markets, in front of the stores, on tresholds and in yards. But I live in Southern California and the summer does not seem willing to yield. I yearn for the steady patter ofContinue Reading

Parlez Vouz Gougères?

Entering the pantry in our Serbian home (and yes, I still call it home, even after twenty some years living on another continent) feels like entering a time machine. At lightspeed, it pulls me back to my teenage years and I walk around in a haze, smiling like the village idiot, reminiscing about the past,Continue Reading