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Smuggling Pot(s)

After almost four months in Serbia, coming home to the U.S. was not an easy feat. My roots took hold and in a way it felt as if I never left, even though I have been a guest in my native country for more than twenty years. I breathed in the crisp, evening air ofContinue Reading

Breaking Bread

Savory Cheddar Cheese and Chive Bread is quick and easy to make, but guaranteed to satisfy.Continue Reading

Roll Playing

Soft, fragrant cinnamon rolls glazed with cream cheeseContinue Reading

Close Encounters of the 42nd Kind

One August day, a long time ago, when the College Kritter was six years old, she ran into our bedroom, jumped on the bed, and looked through the window. ¬†She used to do that quite often, but that day she ran back to the living room and said: “I think that I have stepped onContinue Reading

The Hunger Challenge: Day One

I have been reading food blogs for several years. The blogs with really pretty pictures, the blogs with true and tested recipes, the blogs that care about the origins of food, environment, and sustainability, and the blogs that deal with food policies, trying to make a statement. My blogroll is as immense as my interests.Continue Reading

Not by Bread Alone

We were raised in our grandfather’s (we called him Deda-Ljubo)¬†house, a nice, classical building built in Central-European style in the early 20th century, painted pale yellow, with a beautiful front yard, a shed, and a back yard where, some time before my birth, chickens pecked around and an occasional corn stalk separated the unfenced propertyContinue Reading

The Dough Must Go On

My parents loved people, and people loved them. Our house was always the gathering center for visiting relatives, friends from out of town, acquaintances passing by on their way to the market, neighbors coming over for coffee and a piece of pie, etc. They kept very close relationships with the extended family (in Serbia, aContinue Reading

Me Versus the Machine

This blogging business is sometimes an awkward thing. I feel like I am the new kid in school, and I don’t know what would be worse: to be labeled as a weirdo, or not to be noticed at all. Other times, my emotions take me into a different direction. Hi, My name is Lana, andContinue Reading