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This Little Pig Went to Market

Sweet strawberries shine along the mild taste of fresh mozzarella and ripe tomatoes.Continue Reading

Cook Your Goosefoot

A minute ago, I was sitting on the patio making googly eyes at a cloudless blue sky, breathing in the first scents of summer. A small bird with bright green feathers on its chest has made a nest underneath an eve, and weak, barely-heard chirps announced  an even smaller avian yawning its yellow beak inContinue Reading

Howard’s End

When I arrived in the U.S. in the late eighties, the culture shock was much more intense than I had anticipated. I guess if it weren’t, they wouldn’t call it “culture shock.” The first movie my ex-husband took me to see was Howard the Duck. (A couple of months earlier I suggested Paris, Texas withContinue Reading

The Hunger Challenge: Day One

I have been reading food blogs for several years. The blogs with really pretty pictures, the blogs with true and tested recipes, the blogs that care about the origins of food, environment, and sustainability, and the blogs that deal with food policies, trying to make a statement. My blogroll is as immense as my interests.Continue Reading

Garlic, Grills, and Gigabytes

I never cease marveling at the Internet and its magical powers to connect people from all over the world. That I still sometimes think there are elves living in computers performing all these complicated operations is another story.  Looking at this thin laptop, though, it is obvious that the elves have been dieting. And IContinue Reading

Sometimes You Feel Like a Nut

When I was growing up in Serbia, nuts were seldom used in savory dishes, but mostly in pastries, cakes, tortes, or crepes. Times have changed and I can see the big-city dwellers using peanuts as a result of the Thai influence, but my town would rebel for sure. Peanut butter is an adventure when youContinue Reading

Russian Connection

Reading a post on ham salad on Simply Recipes got me thinking. Elise is talking about her parents trying to be frugal and offering tasty and nutritious meals to their children, without having to rob their piggy banks. Therefore potato salad, egg salad, ham salad… In our house, just like in almost every Serbian houseContinue Reading