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Last night’s dinner left me in particularly good spirits. I defrosted garlic and lemon marinated pork shoulder pieces left over from several days ago when I prepared Souvlaki. Even though the weather is at its most glamorous here in Southern California, I wanted a hearty, saucy dish. Husband was clearly relieved when he found outContinue Reading

My Old Man and the Sea

When I was filling out the application for the Student Exchange program in my Junior year of college, I did not think for a second that I was irrevocably changing the path of my life and that nothing would ever, ever be the same. Because of that I have sentenced myself, my family, and myContinue Reading

Old Man Winter Takes a Holiday

Sometime in the far gone past, the Christian Orthodox Church refused to accept the Gregorian calendar. So, the Bolshevik October Revolution happened really in November, Christmas falls on January 7th, and the New Year makes its grand entrance at the stroke of twelve on the 13th of January. While everyone else has already put awayContinue Reading

A Doctor in the House

Father was a physician, but reluctant to prescribe medicine if not absolutely necessary. We were a tough bunch of kids and did not succumb too often to the common cold. On the rare occasions that a viral or bacterial infection got the best of us, we surrendered unwillingly, fighting every step, unless of course, itContinue Reading

Baby Bird Buzzes the Nest

Early Monday morning the College Kritter took off from Long Beach airport, joining a crowd of half-asleep college students dragging their turkey-stuffed bodies back to dorm rooms and bad cafeteria food.  Perky, clean-shaven  businessmen fell into the flying fold, hands gripping their third Starbucks of the day more protectively than their boarding passes. Her purpleContinue Reading

Doubtless Thomas

I am the oldest of three children. My sister and I are separated by only sixteen months, but for me it was enough to always feel like a protector. I took her to a high school dance once and had to stand up to a gang leader who had fancied her, without considering the consequencesContinue Reading

Ain’t No Sunshine

The last week of September, while the rest of the country was busy raking leaves, cleaning out chimneys, and taking out sweaters and boots preparing to welcome the imminent arrival of Autumn, the air in Southern California was set on fire. The AC units which were in hibernation throughout the summer came to life gruntingContinue Reading

Be Sure to Wear Flowers in Your Hair

In April of 2008, we decided to move to California. Losing our house to a foreclosure became a certainty after months of trying to make up for the lost income. Our Serbian friends Dragana and Milan moved to Orange County two years before us, and put a lot of effort into convincing us that relocatingContinue Reading

The Hunger Challenge: Day 4

The veterans of this event say that the fourth day is the hardest. I would not know. I went to work early, really, really early, and Husband tended to breakfast, lunch, and dinner. I came back, showered, went out again to finish my first assignment for the photography class (my memory card spaced out andContinue Reading

The Hunger Challenge: Day One

I have been reading food blogs for several years. The blogs with really pretty pictures, the blogs with true and tested recipes, the blogs that care about the origins of food, environment, and sustainability, and the blogs that deal with food policies, trying to make a statement. My blogroll is as immense as my interests.Continue Reading