Mother’s Day: The Final Cut

Eton Mess from

Eton Mess

I prefer to stay home for Mother’s Day. I relish the moment I hear the first whispers of my girls as they tiptoe into the kitchen and start preparing breakfast for the family, trying in vain not to make any noise as they pull pots and pans out of the cupboards. I am comforted by the familiar sounds that meander around the hallways and arrive at my doorstep: the hissing of oil when it meets a hot pan; the crackling of egg shells; the grating of the whisk against a plastic bowl; bacon starting to sizzle as its edges curl and brown; the hypnotizing whir of my hand mixer; the subdued thuds of drawers getting shut.

I stretch like a spoiled Angora cat and play along, feigning sleep, as I squint through one eye at a time in anticipation of their arrival to my room. They open the door and enter in a solemn procession, valiantly trying to stay focused, but by the time they reach the backboard of my bed, they explode in giggles. Chattering excitedly, they approach offering gifts of food they lovingly prepared for me and laid on a silver-plated tray covered with a starched damask napkin. One long arm proffers a bright and still fizzing Mimosa, and I sit up against the pillows, the tray safely resting in my lap. They jump on the bed, surrounding me, racing each other with colorful and thoughtful home made cards, covering my face and my hands with tender kisses.

The three of them are all the crowd I need to feel happy. And this Mother’s Day, we’ll stay home and spend all day indulging our taste buds and surrendering to whimsy. My oldest will make a couple of Mimosas and we’ll clink the glasses, toasting to mothers everywhere, and sending virtual kisses to my sister in Germany and Mother in Serbia.

Baked Eggs with Bacon, Cheese, and Grits from

 Baked Eggs with Bacon, Cheese, and Grits

Light and Flaky Buttermilk Bicuits from

Southern Belle’s Buttermilk Biscuits 

Plump Cinnamon Rolls from

 Cinnamon Rolls with Cream Cheese Frosting

Basic Blueberry Muffins from

 Basic Blueberry Muffins

Pain Au Chocolat from

Pain Au Chocolat 

Pogaca Ruzicara from

 Rose Bread (Pogača Ružičara)

Pound Cake with Strawberries

 Pound Cake with Strawberries

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19 Responses to Mother’s Day: The Final Cut

  1. S says:

    that sounds like a lovely morning spent w your girls- we are three sisters and we really love pampering our mum on Mother’s Day. hope you have a lovely one. x s

    • Lana says:

      Thanks, Shayma! I have only one sister, but she is my best friend:) I only wish I could pamper my mo this Mother’s Day:( I hope to be with her soon, though!

  2. It sounds like you have the perfect Mother’s Day planned with your girls. Enjoy!

    • Lana says:

      Thanks, Lydia! I still have to finalize the menu and the activities for the whole day, but there is no pressure:) It’s supposed to be a day of leisure and indulgence!

  3. Gloria says:

    Hi Lana! Your daughters are so sweet. Maybe they want to drop by my house on Sunday. ;) I hope you have a fabulous Mother’s Day with your babies.

  4. Milkica says:

    Mogu zamisliti kako ti prija jedan takav dan… Predivno!

  5. Lana, your girls sound super sweet! I don’t get breakfast in bed, but that’s ok. I just want to squeeze my kids all day!

    • Lana says:

      Lol, Laura, I did not get anything but paper promises from school when the girls were smaller. But they are 12, 13, and 20 (yes, she will be here for Mother’s Day:) and they should be able to break a few eggs successfully! You have a lot to look forward to!

  6. maja says:

    Bas ste vrijedne:), ali zar nije majcin dan 13.05? Barem je tako u Njemackoj, a kod nas je to bio 8. mart – dan zena (pa i majki). A 9.3. u skoli smo obavezno pisali sastav ‘ Sta sam poklonio/la majci za 8. mart’ :)
    Pa ono kupovanje poklona uciteljici od cijelog razreda…jedne godine smo se posvadjali sa djecacicam iz razreda oko toga sta cemo kupiti uciteljici, pa su joj jedan poklom kupili djecaci, a jedan djevojcice…onda nas je ona izribala jer nismo jedistveni;) – eh mladosti…:)

    • Lana says:

      Majo, jeste, 13. maja je Dan Majki. Ja sam sa decom slavila i 8. mart, jer je to Medjunarodni dan zena, a ne samo majki:) Meni je taj praznik ostao u secanju kao jedan od lepsih – znam da se tad prodalo najvise zumbula u saksiji i karanfila u rinfuzi:)

  7. Ilke says:

    Wish I could be doing the same thing for my mom. But a long phone conversation with a teary end will do it again this year as it has been doing for the past 12 years.
    I will make your rose borek for myself I believe :) I am not a mother but I dont think this should stop me from making some dishes on this list:)

    • Lana says:

      Oh, Ilke, I know how you feel! I do the same with my mom and it breaks my heart! I just realized that my links were not live on my captions and had to redo everything! Bummer!

  8. alan says:

    hi lana

    very nice recipes and website will try out your blueberry muffins and agree about staying home for mothers day. I’m making hot fudge cake
    hot fudge cake

  9. Sweeeet! I’ll take the Pain au chocolat, please.

    • Lana says:

      Dorothy, I am sure Mother’s Day in your house will be spectacular! But The Queen of Pies might need a day off, right? Happy Mother’s Day, my friend!

  10. Stephanie says:

    Lana- Mimosas! you have taught your girls well! Happy Mother’s Day!

    • Lana says:

      Yes, Stephanie, start them out when they re really young:) Pretty soon your wee ones will follow the suit! I hope your mother’s Day was great!

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